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A1 Sprinklers has perfected the existing landscape installation. We do not tear up your landscape any more than necessary.

A typical install takes about four days from start to finish. Blue Stakes mark all underground public utilities a few days before we do the installation. At the start of the project, we prefer to go through the layout with our Foreman, Estimator, and You. This system ensures we all understand what you want and expect of us. This is also a great time for you to ask any specific questions we have not addressed/answered.

New Install 1 Year Warranty

What to expect

We will not be inside your home unless we are installing the timer (usually installed in the garage) or removing part of an old system. The Foreman may need to see where the water line enters the home to locate the line outside.

A good design will separate the flowerbeds, lawn, garden, shady and sunny areas with minimal or no water on the street, sidewalks or house. Contrary to popular belief, watering the house does not help it grow.

The main valve will be installed as close to the water meter as possible. This will keep the noise levels down, the water volume up and make it easier to access for maintenance and repair.

Back flow prevention is required by law and should not be avoided. Unfortunately, they are now required to be above ground. Since they are above ground they need to be protected when temperatures are below freezing to prevent damage. Considering this, we try to put them closer to the house or building to minimize the risk of freeze damage, vandalism and theft.

The timer is matched to your specific needs. Most quality timers on the market today are very easy to use and efficient, having the ability to take advantage of a great design watering drip, sod, vegetables and flow beds differently.

All valves and heads except the backflow will be either below or at the finish grade to avoid having to trim around them. All heads in lawn areas should pop up for watering and then retract for ease of mowing.

You will need to keep the grass moist for the first few weeks to prevent seams from shrinking which will cause ugly lines to appear at the trenches.

A few things that we request of you.

  • Cut your grass prior to us starting the job.
  • Water as deep and best as you can.
  • Do not remove the utility markings.
  • If possible, have the animals contained. We are invading their space and they do not like us for the first few hours.
  • Arrange to spend about an hour or so with us after the work is finished so that we can explain the system to you if you would like. This is not necessary but very helpful.
  • If you have any problems, call right away and we will take care of anything for you. Remember the new system has a full 1 year warranty that includes everything except adjusting the timer.

The most common comment we hear from our customers is, "I wish I would have done this much sooner!"

Give us a call today and let us get started!  801-266-2511. We answer our phone!